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"Y’all dudes is a hot damn mess I’m way too blessed to be stressed"

Ouuuuu she gna kill em’ taking pichaaas with no filtaaa 😽

Happy to have this little boy in my life, and I’m very blessed to be your mommy I love you. ♡ Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommys out there! #May112014

Sunday bumday

I wanted to share with you guys with my son priceless facial expressions when he laugh so hard because I was tickling him haha! Too cute 🙈 🙉 🙊 

Only buddha can judge me 😊 #tired #justgotoffwork #idecidedtotakeselfies

Headphones are in because only music can entertain me!

✓ 👌

I had so much fun with my boo boo at playdrome the other night :) I had to repost, I didn’t like that filter. #nofilter #girlfriend #loveher #MissLindyBoo ♥

Selfieeee :P #workflow

My girls ♥ #FriendsSinceHighSchool #ThanksForBeingInMylife